Tektite ROPS Cab

Key Features of ALL ROPS Cabs:

  • Solid-welded ROPS frame
  • Integrated mounting brackets onto machine chassis
  • Fully upholstered headliner
  • Powder coated all black paint finish
  • Maximum visibility out of all side of cab
  • Standard integrated switch plate locations
  • ROPS meets OSHA 1928 and CSA B352 ROPS requirements
  • Heavy duty cab frame isolators to prevent vibration and noise transmission
  • Integrated mirror mount-frame grab handle-work light mount plate
  • Push button, lockable outer door handle
  • Rotary interior door latch
  • Individually fused optional components

Key Features of Economy ROPS Cab:

  • Welded in steel roof
  • Left side door, clear, vinyl opening
  • Right side door opening, clear fixed vinyl
  • Left and right Side Vinyl windows
  • Rear vinyl window
  • ALL vinyl panels are buttoned onto the cab for easy removal, not permanently fixed
  • Vinyl panels removable in fewer than 2 minutes.
  • Tractor flasher lights from 2-post ROPS are re-installed onto cab

Key Features of Deluxe ROPS Cab:

  • Welded in steel roof
  • Left side door, tinted glass
  • Right side door tinted glass
  • Opening left and right side windows
  • All glass rear window
  • Tractor flasher lights from 2-post ROPS are re-installed onto cab

Key Features of Top Line ROPS Cabs:

  • Composite roof/headliner with colour matched machine coloured roof
  • Standard front pantograph wiper
  • Standard tinted glass
  • Standard left and right all glass doors
  • Left and right side windows, rear hinged, that open for ventilation like an air scoop on most models
  • Heavy duty textured floor mat

Available Cab Options (Depend on Cab model):

  • 12v electric heater with integrated fan (Economy and Deluxe models only)
  • 32000 BTU/hr hot water heater and pressurizing fan (268 CFM)
  • Front work lights
  • Rear work light
  • Front head lights with tail lights (required for ASAE S279 compliance)
  • 4-way LED flashers
  • 4-way LED flashers with directional signals (required for ASAE S279 compliance)
  • Rear radial wiper
  • Front wiper washer
  • Rear wiper washer
  • AM/FM CD player
  • Defrost fan
  • Interior mirror
  • Exterior convex mirrors
  • 17000 BTU/hr air conditioning/heater kit. NOTE: available on select models only
  • Roof mounted strobe beacon (amber and blue)
  • Roof mounted rotating beacon (amber and blue)


NOTE: For electrically loaded cabs, alternator capacity on machine can be an issue. High capacity alternators are recommended for all cabs in order to provide trouble free machine use.